ELS Editions

7th European Lisp Symposium

May 5-6, 2014
IRCAM, Paris, France

Pascal Costanza


Pascal Costanza works as a researcher specializing on high-performance computing at the ExaScience Life Lab for Intel Belgium. He maintains Closer, an open source project that provides a compatibility layer for the CLOS MOP across multiple Common Lisp implementations. In the past, he has implemented ContextL, the first programming language extension for Context-oriented Programming based on CLOS, and aspect-oriented extensions for CLOS. More recently, he released Arrow Street, a template library for C++11 to support semi-automatic SIMD-efficient data layouts.

Talk — Parallel Programming with Lisp for Performance

This presentation gives an overview of parallel programming constructs and primitives, and how they can be used efficiently from within Common Lisp. The focus of this talk is on taking advantage of multi-core processors for improving the performance of algorithms. For this reason, the most important techniques for achieving efficiency in general will also be covered. The presentation will be based on examples from high performance and life sciences computing.

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