ELS Editions

9th European Lisp Symposium

9-10 May 2016
Department of Computer Science
AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland

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Note: programme still subject to minor adjustments.

  • Sunday May 8
    • 18:00–22:00
      Welcome reception and pre-registration
  • Monday May 9
    • 08:30–09:00
    • 09:00–09:30
      Welcome messages and announcements
    • 09:30–10:30
      Keynote I: Program Proving with Coq
      Pierre Castéran, LaBRI, University of Bordeaux, France
    • 10:30–11:00
      Coffee Break
    • 11:00–12:30
      Session I: Language design
      • Refactoring Dynamic Languages
        Rafael Reia and António Menezes Leitão
      • Type-Checking of Heterogeneous Sequences in Common Lisp
        Jim E. Newton, Akim Demaille and Didier Verna
      • A CLOS Protocol for Editor Buffers
        Robert Strandh
    • 12:30–14:00
      Lunch Break
    • 14:00–15:00
      Keynote II: Julia - To Lisp or not to Lisp
      Stefan Karpinski
    • 15:00–15:30
      Coffee Break
    • 15:30–16:30
      Session II: Domain Specific Languages
      • Using Lisp Macro-Facilities for Transferable Statistical Tests
        Kay Hamacher
      • A High-Performance Image Processing DSL for Heterogeneous Architectures
        Kai Selgrad, Alexander Lier, Jan Dörntlein, Oliver Reiche and Marc Stamminger
    • 16:30–17:30
      Demonstrations I
      • Distributed High Performance Computing in Common Lisp
        Marco Heisig and Nicolas Neuss
      • Fast Interactive Functional Computer Vision with Racket
        Benjamin Seppke and Leonie Dreschler-Fischer
    • 17:30–18:00
      Lightning Talks
  • Tuesday May 10
    • 09:30–10:30
      Keynote III: Lexical Closures and Complexity
      Francis Sergeraert, Institut Fourier, Grenoble, France
    • 10:30–11:00
      Coffee Break
    • 11:00–12:30
      Session III: Implementation
      • A modern implementation of the LOOP macro
        Robert Strandh
      • Source-to-Source Compilation via Submodules
        Tero Hasu and Matthew Flatt
      • Extending Software Transactional Memory in Closure with Side-Effects and Transaction Control
        Søren Kejser Jensen and Lone Leth Thomsen
    • 12:30–14:00
      Lunch Break
    • 14:00–15:00
      Session IV: Applications
      • CANDO: A Compiled Programming Language for Computer-Aided Nanomaterial Design and Optimization Based on Clasp Common Lisp
        Christian E. Schafmeister
      • A Case Study in Implementation-Space Exploration
        Alexander Lier, Linus Franke, Marc Stamminger and Kai Selgrad
    • 15:00–15:30
      Coffee Break
    • 15:30–17:00
      Demonstrations II
      • An Inferred System Description Facility
        James Anderson
      • Building Common Lisp programs using Bazel
        James Y. Knight, François-René Rideau and Andrzej Walczak
      • Accessing local variables during debugging
        Michael Raskin and Nikita Mamardashvili
    • 17:00–17:30
      Lightning Talks
    • 17:30–18:00
      Announcements, wrapup, goodbye
    • 19:30
      Conference Dinner